Love through the lens of burritos

February 2021

February marks the first and last attempt of Smokin J’s to make a social commentary on the growing trend of non-traditional relationship structures with the Menage a Hog burrito. This, of course, is a burrito in which THREE kinds of pork mingle in a flour tortilla and it caused a veritable ruckus when we offered it at the remarkably low price of $5 for a Valentine’s Day special. Were people just excited by delicious yet inexpensive food, or were those pesky, nonconformist millennials onto something with their new ideas on how relationships can work. We set out to experiment by putting the Menage a Hog on the menu permanently. However, directly below it, we placed the Monogamous Hog, in which the traditional TWO kinds of pork mingled in a flour tortilla (just below that we almost added a third burrito named the “Lonely Hog,” consisting of only one kind of pork, but we thought, enough is enough with the pork filled burritos). Needless to say the Sociology department of UCSD is banging down our doors for the sales results pitting monogamy and polyamory against each other in burrito form.

In all honesty, we don’t do “commentaries” here at Smokin J’s. We are a humble folk just trying to sling the best Q on the coast, and occasionally have a bit of fun with our menu names. Menage a Hog literally means “household of hog” (yes, this is a finalist for the name of our next restaurant), and while we attempted to joke about the sex habits of pigs via burrito names, our humor backfired as I spent a year trying to decipher the various pronunciations of “Menage” and “Monogamous” as our poor customers were just trying to order their damn lunch.