We did it everybody! We made it to 2021. It was certainly a hell of a time getting here, but we did it. While so far it may be hard to tell the difference between last year and this, if you look real closely, you’ll notice that this year ends in a one…not a zero (it’s different). 

Our first year at Smokin J’s occasionally felt like being stuck in a sharknado.  It was our first restaurant, we had no clue (maybe just a little clue) what we were doing. People were hired and fired and quit. Menus changed, procedures changed, software changed, the kitchen changed (sometimes daily). Did you know that at the beginning of 2020 we were pitched to be in a reality TV show on the Food Network? That, like many projects planned for this past year, never got off the ground, but plenty of other fun stuff happened. So take a load off, prop up your feet, and let’s look back at the year that was the first year of Smokin J’s BBQ. Don’t worry, it was (mostly) a great one.