Chef holding ribs


Party Size: 20+

Min Order: $500 

Good For: office lunches, family gatherings, birthday parties, pool parties, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, etc.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

No, seriously, let us in, we have that sweet, sweet BBQ all your guests are pining for.  

Let us set your party apart from the crowd. From menu planning to setup, we will help you put together a feast that your guests will never forget.  Delivery catering includes delivery and setup of a self-serve buffet line stuffed to the gills with succulent treats. You provide the tables, we provide the tablecloths, heating trays, serving utensils, paper plates, and cutlery. Our smiling staff will deliver and set everything up for you before sneaking out a side door and letting you and your guests to party on.